Small town kotomsk, excellent small town for various brotherhood
Small town kotomsk, excellent small town for various brotherhood
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Отсыпка участка грунтом
In general all it has led to that kotomsk, as though did not exist up to the birthday, but nevertheless...
It has come. i congratulate all with the second anniversary kotomska and i wish it to exist and henceforth. hurrah!

I will tell here so. the people, you is necessary to mei wait for letters. all.

- The tower of angels - .

Help, help gosha!!!

( , i simply do not trust). as there was with it all a week.


The previous reference.

Messages of kotomsky gradoustroitelja on the termination of revolution Is hardly more low, and it will be soon placed in again opening kotomsky museum.


That such" reedit system "?
The new name for" reedit system "is necessary.

It is necessary to help gosha. the action "tell gosha th yes!!!"

To download , to unpack archive, and attentively having read the instruction (is in a file "koment.txt"), for a half-hour to pass experiment and to send it on mail a file with results. all. archive with you can take here Here.

Errors and subquality work in kotomske and that with them to do.

- - ( ).

Of news of site factor! al

In section " Still..." - -.
' by the way, there is an offer to put in kotomske a monument to this person, what do you think of it? the working name - a monument known to us '

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The citation on every day
Not brushed thoughts.

That such" reedit system "?

" reedit system". ... .

' if you the kotomsky inhabitant and at you is not present login and the password send The letter to kotomsky gradoustroitelju C a reminder that not bad to you them to have and send you the password. and one more, is somehow uncomfortable to name it login and the password. offer, please other variants of the name '

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The new name for" reedit system "is necessary.

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The message of kotomsky gradoustroitelja on the revolution termination.


' generally, it is remembered, someone almost here as having begun, has ended the following phrase - "only you me both saw" - and has disappeared, but i, perhaps, so will not make '

- - ( ) PHP. , .
But, but now i can declare with full responsibility: kotomsky revolution has come true!!! now it is really possible to look on new at our nice small town.

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